Predictions: 11-10-07

Here are my predictions for tonight’s action at MSG in NYC:

  •  Mosley beats Cotto on points
  • Johnson beats Margarito by late KO
  • Casamayor beats Santa Cruz by late KO

I know it’s risky picking an old man like Mosley over a superkid like Cotto, but I think Mosley is still fast enough and strong enough to take it to Cotto.  I haven’t forgotten his fights against ODLH.

 I’m picking Golden Johnson over Margarito for two reasons: I think Johnson is in good shape and ready to pull a shocker, and his recent results bear that out.  I also think Margarito is beginning to be a worn fighter, even at the tender age of 29.  Think of this one as an upset special.

 I’m going with Casamayor over Santa Cruz because it’s obvious.  Think my lack of critical thinking on this one will come back to bite me?


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