Calzaghe -vs- Hopkins

So we know that Calzaghe wants Hopkins, and we know that Hopkins has expressed an interest in negotiating with Calzaghe.  But does Hopkins really want to fight Calzaghe?

 Here’s my take: Hopkins has to want to fight an opponent, or the fight won’t get made.  But Hopkins is a notoriously tough negotiator, which is good news for us: money can make him want to fight.  What I’m saying in a roundabout way is that Hopkins will fight anybody if the money is right, and he has a way of making the money right.

Calzaghe is really hot for Hopkins, no question about it.  But is he (and his promotor, Frank Warren) hot enough to give away a few millions to get the bout?  That’s something we just have to wait and see.

 So the bottom line is that if the fight doesn’t get made, it’ll be for the following reasons:

  1. Hopkins’ desire for the money wasn’t strong enough to persuade him to make the fight.
  2. Calzaghe’s desire for the fight wasn’t strong enough to cause him to compromise on money.

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