Zach Walters: Jungle Boy

There’s a tall, skinny young white man in Duluth, Minnesota who calls himself “Jungle Boy” and likes to beat the bananas out of complete strangers.

 Sound interesting?

 I’d like to know more about Zach Walters, too.

 Here’s what I know so far: the kid is a 26 year old light heavyweight.  He’s 6’4″ tall and typically fights between 170-180 pounds.  His record is 20 wins (15 by KO) and 2 losses.  His two losses were to Robert Linton, a cruiserweight with a record of 11-2, and to Hugo Pineda of Colombia, whose record is 39-3.  Jungle Boy has won all five of his fights in 2007, four of them by KO or TKO.  Boxrec has him ranked 73rd in the world.

Jungle Boy Walters’ birthplace is listed as Taolagnaro, Madagascar, which I suppose accounts for his nickname.


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