Raphael Butler: If You Haven’t Heard of Him…

He’s 23 years old and he’s already had 34 professional fights.   His name is Raphael Butler and his record of 29-4-0-1 includes 22 kayos.  Imagine what he might do when he gets his grown-up muscles!

In one of his four losses Butler knocked his opponent down three times in the first round before getting knocked out himself.  That was against Art Binkowski at Target Center in Minneapolis last April.  Butler was ahead on all three scorecards when he went down in the eighth (and final) round.  He was up before the count of ten, but it was ruled that he was unable to continue due to apparent exhaustion.  Curiously, that didn’t give him the motivation to keep his weight down that you might have assumed it would.  Since that loss he’s weighed in at anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds heavier than he did against Binkowski.

That was, as previously mentioned, last April.  Since then Butler has won four straight fights – two by KO and two by decision.  He’s determined to be a big thing, if not right away, then in his own time.  “I am a young heavyweight so there is no real rush right now.  But…I cannot keep under the radar forever so we are going to try to make a move this year but if it doesn’t happen there is no rush…Just keep a look out, and if you haven’t heard of me yet, you will.” (quotes excerpted from an interview with Benny Henderson Jr on www.doghouseboxing.com


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