Who is Corey Rodriguez?

So you weren’t about to ask, but here at Fistic Mystic you’re going to get the answer anyway.

The short version: Corey Rodriguez is a professional boxer with a record of 1-0 (1 KO).  But part of the reason that boxing is so much fun is the personalities – the longer answer is always more interesting.

Rodriguez’s only professional fight (so far) was against an old-timer named John Hoffman who had lost 14 consecutive fights.  In fact, the last time Hoffman got in a ring without getting knocked out was back in 2004 when he was DQ’d while fighting for the Indiana State Association lightweight title.

But every hopeful young fighter starts out facing “guaranteed wins.”  That fight doesn’t prove anything one way the other.

More to the point, Rodriguez is an experienced boxer – he is a former Upper Midwest Golden Gloves champion who fought Anthony Hanshaw and Mark Saurez as an amateur – and comes from a boxing family.  Rodriguez has great expectations for his pro career.  He certainly is well supported in this effort, being co-managed by John Rodriguez (his father) and Ray Nelson, and having brother John Rodriguez Jr, nutritionist Justin Hagen, and sports therapist Rachel Schley in his corner.  With the help of this impressive team, Rodriguez is taking all possible steps to ensure final success.  The day before his professional debut Rodriguez told Minnesotaboxing.com correspondent Jesse Kelly, “My style has always been more of a professional style…[but] I also know that you have to make certain adjustments when you turn pro. I have always been a good boxer but we have really been working on my power for the pros.”

Rodriguez is a native of Saint Anthony, Minnesota, a working class town on the northeast side of Minneapolis.  Like a number of good young boxers in the Twin Cities, Rodriguez trains at the Uppercut Boxing Gym in Northeast Minneapolis.  One of his stablemates is “The Pretty Warrior,” Wilton Hilario.


2 responses to “Who is Corey Rodriguez?

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  2. Corey- Whats up Bro , thought I’d drop you a line and see how you’ve been .It’s been a long time. Last I heard you moved to Cali’ Alex 763-772-3974

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