The Path to Happiness was Paved with Brotherly Lies.

There are times in life when a man can make a momentous decision without even knowing it.  These are moments when chance meets blessing, and something wonderful happens.  In my life that moment was the day I met my wife.

I didn’t know who she was the first time we met.  I had a passing acquaintance with her brother and he seemed like a nice guy, but I hadn’t met Angie, didn’t know what she looked like, and couldn’t have imagined the course our lives would take.

I didn’t even want to meet Angie.  My brother had tried for some time to set us up on a blind date, the only problem being that neither of us wanted to meet the other.  But he persisted, badgered, cajoled, and lied to us both, saying to me “Come on, she really wants to meet you.  Her feelings will be hurt if you won’t even go out with her once.”  At the same time he was telling her, “Angie, he’s going to be sad if you won’t go out with him.  He really wants to meet you.”

So it happened that after about two months of his harassment, we both gave in and agreed to go out on a triple date (with my brother and his wife, plus Angie’s brother and his fiancee).  I had asked my brother to describe Angie, and he told me she had a “nice personality.”  Great, I thought, a nice dog.  Angie asked him my age, and he guessed low by two years.  How could my own brother not know how old I was?!

On December 28, 1997 I went to my sister-in-law’s dad’s house, where the whole gang was meeting.  I was ushered into the house where a tall and pretty young lady stood, looking a little overwhelmed.  I thought she was the babysitter, but Lo! She was my date!

My brother had borrowed my truck, a racy little Nissan 4×4 with chrome mags and white letter tires, so I was driving my other car – a ’73 Oldsmobile beater that I had picked up for $400.  I loved that car, but I can’t say Angie has the same taste in vehicles.  She has since said that the only reason she didn’t reject me then and there was because she knew the hot little truck that my brother was driving was mine.  We cruised over to Applebees for some drinks, then after a while moved next door to a bar and grill called Doolittle’s and had dinner.

Well I’ll make a long story short.  Angie had a great personality, it’s true.  But she also was a knockout – gracious, sweet, fun, and a real flirt.  We’ve been married now since June of 2000, and we have three little boys 1, 3, and 5 years old.  I can’t imagine any other life for myself, and I have to smile when I think about how much I didn’t want to meet my blind date.


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