Kolle Decisions Vanda, Truax Also Wins

Andy Kolle of Fergus Falls, Minn defeated Matt Vanda of Saint Paul by decision in an 8 round bout on Saturday night in Maplewood, Minnesota.  Caleb Truax also won his match, taking a four round decision against Jeffrey Osborne Jr.

The really significant fight of the evening was the Kolle/Vanda matchup.  Take two fighters on different career trajectories and put them in the same ring, and interesting results cannot help but follow.  This win for Kolle puts him in a higher echelon than he was before; he’s beaten an established pro who came into the bout with a 37-4 record.  For Vanda news is grim – he just lost to an untested youngster, a 15-1 kid from a small town in the hills of Otter Tail County.  If he doesn’t do something dramatic and soon, his career must be nearly over.

On another topic, the Fistic Mystic was priviledged to finally see the Calzaghe-Kessler meeting from a few weeks back, and what a fight it was.  Thanks go to the father-in-law for recording a fight that I was unable to view at the time.

The one thing that I took from this viewing was that Calzaghe is what he has always appeared to be: a superior specimen.  He walked right through a score of punches that would have put down a lesser man.  Kessler did his thing and did it well, and no one can say he lacks talent or power or passion.  He stuck with his game plan and displayed speed and power that are impressive for a man fighting at 168 lbs.  But Calzaghe was too much for him, and it’s a testament to his talent, his athleticism, and his toughness.  Congratulations to the Welshman.  Bernard Hopkins had better look out.


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