Kolle / Vanda Aftermath

The reports are in and although they’re sketchy, here’s what we know for sure.

Despite being knocked down in the seventh of eight rounds, Andy Kolle defeated Matt Vanda in a very close unanimous decision, scored 77-75, 77-75, and 77-76.  The closeness of the scoring could be an illusion, as Vanda has in the past been the beneficiary of some questionable hometown scoring, for instance his January 2004 gift against the venerable Sam Garr.  However there are no known reports of controversy here.

As a result of this fight, Kolle has broken into the boxrec.com world rankings at 150th of 828 ranked fighters in the middleweight division.  Vanda falls from 170th to 192nd among 828 ranked fighters.

As usual, the biggest local newspaper (the Star Tribune) virtually ignored this bout, refusing to carry any advance coverage or analysis, and publishing the result in a 1 inch blurb on the bottom of the inside of the back page of the sports section.  Way to go, Strib.  You may kill boxing in Minnesota yet.


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