Jumpin’ Johnny Montantes

Here’s a brief article I wrote for Wikipedia. 

Johnny Montantes, alias Jumpin’ Johnny, (born June 10, 1969 and died September 28, 1997) was a lightweight professional boxer from Saint Paul, Minnesota.  He named his son “Marciano” in honor of heavyweight great Rocky Marciano.Montantes’ professional career began in 1990 with a win against Norberto Riviera followed by a loss to Jose Vilarino. There was initially no hint of the success to come. However, following the loss to Vilarino, Montantes put together a string of 22 straight wins against ever-improving competition. His last two fights were losses to well-known fighters Acelino Freitas and James Crayton. His final record was 28 wins (22 by knockout) and 4 losses.

On the night of September 26, 1997, Montantes was paid $2000 to fight James Crayton in Las Vegas, Nevada. Behind on all three scorecards after five rounds, Montantes was knocked out violently by a Crayton right in the sixth.  Montantes suffered a brain injury and would never regain consciousness. Two days later doctors removed him from life support and harvested his organs.



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