Blue Shorts, Green Gloves

What kind of statement should a nice Minnesota boy make when he fights?

Should he be political?  Maybe get a DFL (Democratic Farmer-Labor) or Republican party tattoo?  Or if he’s political, should he be issue-specific?  He could have an environmentalist slogan tattoo, or a pro-life one, like “Choose Life.”  Or he could enter the ring in a Minnesota Department of Tourism robe, with emblazoned across the back.  Maybe that would be a boost to our tourism industry.

Maybe he could use the Minnesota anthem (Minnesota Hail to Thee) for his ring music?  It’s kind of sedate, but soothing and majestic, too.  You know we could use some of that in boxing.

The guy could dress in Minnesota colors.  Blue Shorts, Green Gloves.  That would represent the blues lakes and the green trees that characterize our state.  So much better if the guy has brown skin – that could represent the brown tree trunks.  If he has blond hair, then there are clouds hovering above everything else.  Of course, this all would make for a pretty bizarre getup.  He might get laughed out of the ring!

Maybe the best thing a Minnesota boxer could do for his home state would be to fight close to home once in a while.  There are nearly 3 million people in the Twin Cities, and some of us would like to see the occasional professional boxing match in person, not on HBO or Showtime.


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