Will Bonsante and Kost Fight?

This is probably the second most significant question in Minnesota boxing right now, after “who will be Litzau’s next opponent?”

The word on the street back in early October was that Kost was calling out Bonsante at Bonsante’s last fight, a lopsided decision over the durable Kendall Gould.  Bonsante told Minnesotaboxing.com then that,

“He doesn’t strike me to be the type of person that usually puts themselves out there to call somebody out so I definitely think there were some outside influences there. Whether that be somebody inside or outside of his camp…I look at it as Kenny is 12-3. He has 15 professional fights so I’m not going to get a whole lot of money to fight him…Is he deserving of that fight right now? I don’t know. I guess it depends on the money. He doesn’t necessarily have the experience to be demanding the money they are asking for in my opinion.”

Bonsante doesn’t want to retire yet, and he does have a much better than average 30-9 record and some significant name recognition, so he’s right to demand a good payday.

The other thing that bothers the Fistic Mystic is the concern that Minnesota fighters are becoming like a bucket of crabs, always pulling each other down – never allowing each other to progress beyond small time rivalries.

Maybe what Kost and Bonsante need is to co-headline a card against some out-of-town guys.  Make it happen soon, because Kost is getting stale (he hasn’t fought since beating Matt Vanda last June) and Bonsante is getting old.  Put Vanda on the card too, fighting some tomato can from the east or the south.  Call that a farewell bout or a comeback, whatever you like.  But then you’ve got a card with some star power, and that’s what we need around here.


2 responses to “Will Bonsante and Kost Fight?

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