Joey Abell versus…Raphael Butler?

Who’s the baddest heavyweight in Minnesota?

It must be either Joey Abell or Raphael Butler.  You’ve read about both of them here at Fistic Mystic.  Abell, 18-1 (17 KO), and Butler, 29-4 (22 KO), are two very different fighters.

Abell, according to the conventional wisdom, is the better prospect, being bigger, more athletic, more photogenic, and having a prettier record.  But Abell has taken fewer risks and, by and large, fought less dangerous foes.

Butler, at the tender age of 23, has already been through the wars.  He’s fought 33 times in a 3 1/2 year career, and experienced more highs and lows, including last April’s unbelievable loss to Art Binkowski at Target Center, in which Butler was kayoed in the eighth and final round after knocking Binkowski down three times in the first.

In fact, the two are scheduled to fight in the March 22, 2008 event in Rochester, Minnesota.  But hold your beer, people.  They aren’t fighting each other.  The ubiquitous has Abell and Butler and light middleweight Scott Ball, whose record is 8-6 (6 KO) all listed with opponents to be announced.

Be sure to pick up your tickets now.  This is sure to be a mere preview of the greater event, in which Abell and Butler will fight for the mythical heavyweight championship of Minnesota.  You read it here first.


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