Hatton’s Weight Issue

Hatton is a smaller man than Mayweather

Ricky Hatton, at 5’6″ tall, is plenty filled out at 145 lbs.  Like most fighters, if he stopped training he would balloon to a much heavier weight, and between fights he usually does.  Unlike many guys, who seem not to be affected much by added weight, Hatton struggles when his weight increases, even a little bit.  Trainer Billy Graham explained recently that Hatton’s ideal weight is in the low to mid 140s, so much so that when he bulked up from 140 to 147 for his fight against Luis Collazo (a 12-round decision for Hatton) he lost much of his speed and quickness.

One of the things to watch for tonight is whether Hatton is sluggish at 145.  Everyone in his camp says he’s in tip-top condition and should put on a show.  We’ll see.


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