Mayweather -vs- Hatton, Analysis and Result

Good evening.  Michael Buffer is introducing the fighters and Tom Jones is singing God Save the Queen.  I’ll let you know at the end of each round what I think about what I just saw.  Thanks for checking in.


Hatton is in the ring, Mrs Mystic says he looks like a great big blueberry in his blue robe.  I had to laugh when I heard Born in the USA playing as Mayweather entered the ring.  He’s always ready to stick his finger in someone’s eye.


Round 1

Hatton is a man on a mission.  Mayweather has connected a few times, but Hatton’s punches have more mustard.  He moves forward and back very quickly.  A good left to the head, later a good left hook to the ribs. Round goes to Hatton, 10-9.


Round 2

Hatton is controlling the tempo, Mayweather hasn’t smiled yet in this fight.  Mayweather drops his hands at the 1:46 mark, daring Hatton to hit him.  Cortez is doing a good job of keeping control.  Hatton is bleeding from the nose, Hatton just swallowed a big Mayweather punch.  Hatton lands a hefty left at :59.  Mayweather isn’t fighting, he’s running backwards and wrestling.  Round even, 10-10.


Round 3

Good jab by Hatton snaps Mayweather’s head back at 2:43.  Cortez might be getting a little intrusive with his constant warnings.  Hatton has Mayweather backed up to the ropes at 1:25, looking seriously uncomfortable.  I think Mayweather wouldn’t be holding so much if Hatton wasn’t hurting him.  Mayweather lands his right a couple times in the last minute.  Mayweather lands to Hatton’s ribs in the last five seconds.  Hatton is bleeding from the right eyebrow after this round.  Round to Mayweather, 10-9.


Round 4

Hatton is bulling Mayweather into the corner constantly.  Hatton pummelled Mayweather in the corner at about 2:15 and again at 2:05.  Big overhand right may have missed at 1:38.  Hatton throws a good combo then gets tagged at 1:25.    Mayweather counterpunching well.  Mayweather hit Hatton hard twice at :55.  Hatton is really strong, but getting hit a lot.  Lots of grappling for the rest of the round. Round to Mayweather, 10-9.


Round 5

Hatton is no longer bleeding as the round begins.  This time Mayweather leads Hatton into the corner, walking backward.  Hatton teeing off on Mayweather at 2:30.  Who will tire first?  Hatton is staying inside, where he wants to be.  Nothing clean landing, but lots of glancing impacts from Hatton up to 1:50.  Mayweather trying to jump and punch, misses badly.  Hatton mauling Mayweather in the corner at 1:25.  Big short-arm combos from Hatton, then a big left hook at 1:05.  Got Mayweather back in the corner again, then Mayweather fights his way out and lands a couple at :47.  Hatton landing repeatedly to the body at :30.  More grabbing.  Mayweather elbows Hatton in the jaw at :04.  Round to Hatton, 10-9.


Round 6

Mayweather acting crafty but landing no punches to 2:25.  Big right by Hatton at 2:12, puts Mayweather halfway throught the ropes with a punch to the back of the head at 2:02.  Penalized 1 pt.  Hatton’s pissed.  Mayweather is landing punches, jumping in, running back.  Hatton keeps getting hit.  Can’t tell whether Hatton’s body punches are landing because Mayweather keeps crouching.  In the corner Hatton mauls Mayweather effectively from :50 to :30.  Now Mayweather hits Hatton in the back of the head twice before the bell.  Round even, 9-9.


Round 7

Hatton, stalking Mayweather, catches him at 2:45 but does nothing.  More grappling.  Soft body punches by Mayweather at 2:28.  Hatton backed in the corner for a change at 2:10, but fights his way out.  Bulling Mayweather around again, but that’s hard on Hatton because he’s so much shorter.  Hatton connects a combination at 1:40.  Mayweather is getting better at infighting as they go on.  More grappling and ineffective mauling from both fighters.  Hatton suddenly seems stronger at :40.  Good jab from Hatton at :16, fighters trading in the middle of the ring at the bell.  Round to Hatton, 10-9.


Round 8

No action through 2:40.  Good right cross by Mayweather at 2:31.  Mayweather connecting hard at 2:15 thru 2:05.  Hatton’s knees looking wobbly.  Hatton grabs and pushes Mayweather to center of ring, connects big overhand right at 1:28.  Traps Mayweather in the corner at 1:11, Cortez has to rescue Mayweather.  Hatton looking good now.  Back into the corner at :50.  Good left counter by Mayweather at :40 – Mayweather looks like he might end it, but Hatton comes back with a combo at :11.  More grappling.  Round to Mayweather 10-9.


Round 9

Hatton stalking again.  Light jabs from both fighters.  Good left hook to the body by Hatton at 2:17.  Chasing Mayweather now.  Good left by Mayweather at 1:53.  Good left, good right, now traps Mayweather against ropes.  Strong punches are stopped by Mayweather’s arms.  More elbows to the face from Mayweather at 1:05.  Mayweather starting to showboat, ducking and dodging at :50.  Hatton’s slowed a lot.  Is Hatton resting?  Trading punches at :06.  Round to Mayweather 10-9.


Round 10

Crowd singing boisterously for Hatton.  Hatton lands to the body and the head at 2:45 or so.  Hatton going more and more overhand.  Big knockdown by Mayweather at 1:54.  Hatton gets up but looks worried.  Big left to the temple by Mayweather, Hatton staggers and goes down.  Fight over, Mayweather wins.


2 responses to “Mayweather -vs- Hatton, Analysis and Result

  1. Lucky punch by Floyd!!! 😦

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