Mayweather KOs Hatton, and my thoughts

A few things worth mentioning before I toddle off to bed.

  1. Hatton apparently didn’t hit Mayweather in the back of the head in round 6, but he was penalized for doing so.  Mayweather did hit Hatton in the back of the head (twice) just before the bell, and Cortez didn’t penalize Mayweather.  That could have been a big deal had the fight gone the distance.
  2. Hatton looked strong early and faded, just like Oscar De La Hoya did last May 5.  Is it Mayweather’s skills and conditioning that makes the difference?
  3. Mayweather jump-punched several times tonight, missed badly each time, and I can’t see that hurting anyone even if he did connect.  And that sort of thing might not hurt Mayweather now, but if he tries it again when he’s a little older and a little slower, it might come back to haunt him.
  4. Mayweather says he’s going to take a break of at least two years before fighting again.  Bad idea.  Think, Floyd – will you be the same fighter after two years of inactivity?

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