Darby Smart Pulls Out

According to Minnesotaboxing.com, Darby Smart has pulled out of the December 15 card at Grand Casino Hinckley, citing “work schedule” trouble.  That could mean that he couldn’t get time off to fight or to train, he couldn’t make weight, or he didn’t have gas money to get to Hinckley.  Or it could mean something else.


One response to “Darby Smart Pulls Out

  1. Okay, only commenting here cuz I can’t stand looking at this and NOT saying something everytime I’m online. For those of you who think that boxers do nothing but go to the gym and fight, your wrong. They work, they have families and responsibilities. The deal was the promoter wouldn’t send Darby his contract without finalizing some other business first. So, no contract, no fight! As far as work schedule trouble, Darby is the boss. He runs a multi million dollar department which is union. Per union contracts schedules have to be posted 1 week in advance. If Darbys not there every schedule changes. Of course the promoter knew we need a contract at least 1 week out! So tell me again who backed out of the fight? To he who cannot comprehend anything beyond not having enough gas money, go find a new profession.

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