Duddy and Vanda?

Does John Duddy of Northern Ireland have a thing for Minnesota middleweights?

Minnesotaboxing.com reports that a fight between Matt Vanda and John Duddy may happen February 1 or 2, with the possibility of ESPN televising a bout on the 1st.  According to boxingscene.com, if the fight is to be February 2 it’ll be at Madison Square Garden on the undercard of Samuel Peter-Oleg Maskaev.

Minnesota boxing fans will remember that Duddy beat Anthony Bonsante of Shakopee in New York back in March.

This development certainly satisfies the Fistic Mystic’s desire for Vanda to do something dramatic with his career following his loss to Andy Kolle in November.  The result of a clash with Duddy should be either a dramatic revival of Vanda’s career, or a crushing end to it.  Duddy, of course would view Vanda is nothing more than a stay-busy opponent, not expected to provide any real resistance.

John Duddy

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