Upcoming Boxing Event: Superior WI on February 23

Some of the brightest young professional boxers in Minnesota will ply their trade in Cheesehead Land on February 23.

The intriguing card at the Mortorelli Gym in Superior, Wisconsin includes a number of promising pros with a lot of upside.  Here’s the announced lineup.  As always, this information is not final, and something probably will change before the 23rd.

  • “Jungle Boy” Zach Walters (21-2, 16 kayos) -vs- Marlon “Rumbling Man” Hayes (23-10, 11 kayos)*
  •  Phil “The Drill” Williams (6-0, 6 kayos) -vs- Ted Muller (19-13, 9 kayos)**
  • RJ Laase (1-0, zero kayos) -vs- TBA, welterweights
  • Andson Griggs (1-0, zero kayos) -vs- Jorge Alberto Gonzales (5-1, zero kayos)***
  • “Stone Cold” Gary Eyer (2-0, 1 kayo) -vs- TBA, welterweights

* Walters is a light heavyweight, Hayes is a cruiserweight.

** Williams is a light heavyweight, Muller is a super middleweight

***Griggs is a light middleweight, Gonzales is a middleweight


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