Zach Walters First Title Fight: February 23 in Superior

It’s counterintuitive that a skinny white kid with no discernable accent would be fighting for the WBC African Boxing Union light heavyweight title, but they don’t call Zach Walters “Jungle Boy” for nothing.

Jungle Boy Zach Walters

Walters is the child of missionaries, and was born in Taolagnaro, Madagascar.  This is more than a technicality; it makes him a native!

So on February 23rd Walters’ fight against Marlon Hayes has therefore become a fight for a minor title.  According to a press release from Walters, his boxing home of Hortons Gym is teaming up with a major promoter to televise the fight in Duluth-Superior and the surrounding area.

More news is sure to follow.


One response to “Zach Walters First Title Fight: February 23 in Superior

  1. First of all, what the hell is the WBC-African Boxing Union? What does that even mean? And if the guy is a “native”, why isn’t he fighting this fight in his native land? And if it’s the WBC-African Boxing Union title, why don’t they call it that on the radio commercials instead of “the WBC title fight”?

    As for the comment that they’re working with a “major promoter” to televise the fight locally, that doesn’t even make sense! In a small market like Duluth, why would they want to put it on TV instead of having people drive to Superior and actually PAY to see it?

    It all sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me.

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