Raphael Butler Gets Smart

Raphael Butler fought 34 times in the first forty months of his professional career, winning 29 times with four losses and one no contest.

That’s an old-fashioned workload for a boxer, and it hasn’t left much time for training and education.  That a fighter would be allowed by his trainer or manager to fight as frequently as Butler did isn’t surprising, but that a fighter would choose to do so is a little surprising.  Aside from proving his toughness, it would be hard to identify any benefit to Butler.

But Mr. Butler has gotten smart now, and has allowed six months between his last bout and his next one, scheduled for April 26 against an opponent yet to be named on a stellar all-Minnesota card at Graham Arena in Rochester.  Here’s hoping that the world will soon see what a properly trained and completely healthy Raphael Butler can do in the heavyweight division.

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