Fistic Mystic: Picks for February 23

The Fistic Mystic doesn’t smoke, drink, or bet.  But he’s a big fight fan and he speculates.

Tonight we have the Klitschko-Ibragimov event at MSG in NYC and locally, the Jungle Boy-Carl Daniels event at Mortorelli Gym in Superior, WI.  Here are my picks:

  1. Jungle Boy Zach Walters beats Carl Daniels by KO.  Walters is a fit, young, up-and-comer who is probably better than his record indicates.  Daniels lays claim to certain advantages; he is a veteran and a southpaw, but his impressive record (50-11) hides the fact that from December 2004 to March 2007 he lost seven straight fights, and only broke the losing streak by beating Fred Moore, a man who had lost four straight coming in.  Walters will continue his climb into the boxing elite by knocking Daniels out.
  2. Ibragimov beats Klitschko.  I’m picking Ibragimov because he’s deceptively fast, deceptively strong, and always fit.  He has an intangible advantage over Klitschko: toughness.  A lot of people (including most of the “experts”) are picking Klitschko, but I think it’s a glamor pick.  They don’t seem to recognize that people just look different; you can’t judge a fighter by his cover.  See for yourself the cosmetic difference between the two men:

Klitschko shows off his bumpsCalm and comfortable, Ibragimov smiles sweetly


One response to “Fistic Mystic: Picks for February 23

  1. good call on ibragimov being deceptively fast and strong. but he got beat because klitschko proved to be a crafty fighter.

    the fight looks like the lewis vs. tua fight where lennox used his length against the much stronger tua much to the dismay of the audience.

    even with his corner pleading to klitschko to knock out the sultan, he did not went for the kill and kept on using the jab.

    intelligent fighter but not too exciting. but then, this guy has a Ph.D. right? 😀

    nice blog you got here. i’ll link you up. 😀

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