Iran Barkley’s Bad Idea

Scanning today’s fight schedule at, the Fistic Mystic was flabbergasted and horrified to see the Iran “The Blade” Barkley is scheduled to fight an unsanctioned heavyweight bout today in Lapwai, Idaho.

Iran Barkley.  47 years old, at least 40 pounds (and probably more) over his prime class of middleweight – where he fought and beat Tommy Hearns in 1989 – the same Iran Barkley who hasn’t fought in a sanctioned event since July of 1999 and who hasn’t won a fight since he beat 6-26 Casey Truesdale in October of 1998.

There was some talk of Barkley making a comeback a couple of years ago, but here at Fistic Mystic we thought that idea had been trashcanned.  Too bad, evidently it wasn’t.

Say good-bye to your brain cells, Iran.  You’re going to miss them.


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