Litzau Loses to Guerrero by KO in Round 8

Jason Litzau was defeated by Robert Guerrero in by knockout in the eighth round of their IBF world featherweight championship bout tonight.

Guerrero (left) and Litzau

Litzau was game but Guerrero wore him down, finally knocking him down twice in the eighth, and the second time Litzau couldn’t regain his balance before the count.  Observers agreed that Litzau showed a lion’s heart, continuing with a possible broken nose and a bleeding cut from a headbutt.

Guerrero generally controlled the pace and the terms of engagement, although Litzau scored with a big right in the third and the two traded power shots throughout the sixth round.  But other than those two moments of glory, Litzau wasn’t able to match Guerrero’s precision and quickness.

Litzau’s record falls to 23-2 with 19 kayos while Guerrero’s improves to 22-1-1 with 15 wins by kayo.  Guerrero retains his IBF world featherweight championship and will be looking for a matchup with Chris John or Jorge Linares, while Litzau will undoubtedly be looking for a break to heal his cut brow and a beatable opponent to keep him busy in the near future.


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