Boxing Dreams: Minnesota’s Fantasy Matchups

Good things are happening in Minnesota boxing.  We have exceptional talents active in multiple divisions, and off-reservation events are taking place with some regularity.  But things could be better.  Here are some daydreams from the Fistic Mystic – some of them are surely going to happen, others are less likely, a few are very unlikely or nearly impossible.

Anthony Bonsante -vs- John Duddy – Not everyone will agree, but I think Bonsante fought very credibly against Duddy in their first match.  Bad luck and a bad cut affected his performance and unfortunately, a stoppage became necessary.

The Fistic Mystic says:  Bonsante is smarter than Duddy, and Duddy, despite his head-turning record, is overrated.  In a rematch Bonsante wins and gains attention, prestige, and earning power.

Wilshaun Boxley -vs- Wilton Hilario – Wilshaun Boxley is a hungry new pro with a 3-0 record, while the “Pretty Warrior” Hilario has been missing in action since his disappointing draw with the mediocre Juan Carlos Martinez nearly a year ago.

The Fistic Mystic says: These guys are Minnesota’s best super featherweights today, and the winner of this matchup would see a significant benefit from the win.

Raphael Butler -vs- “Fast” Eddie Chambers – I know, it’s awfully ambitious – but it isn’t my idea, it’s Butler’s.  According to Butler’s team has announced that if Butler gets past Otis Tisdale on April 26, they’ll be gunning for a match with Chambers next.

The Fistic Mystic says: Give the man what he wants.

Andy Kolle -vs- Anthony Bonsante – Bonsante has already dismissed the idea of a fight against Kenny Kost, saying that Kost is too inexperienced and his record lacks lustre.  Kolle’s record is more glamorous than Kost’s (16-1 compared to 14-3) and he is also interested in taking on The Bullet.

The Fistic Mystic says: A win against Bonsante would be a bigger coup for Kolle than his recent win against Matt Vanda was.

Jason Litzau -vs- Cristobal Cruz – Litzau is coming off a punishing loss to Robert Guerrero, and could use a win.  Cruz is a busy and durable but light-punching veteran who flailed his way to a questionable decision against the inexperienced South African slugger Thomas Mashaba in his last fight, a win that catapulted him to the top ten in the Boxrec rankings.  Bonus: Cruz isn’t a southpaw.

The Fistic Mystic says:  This is as close as Litzau will come to a perfect matchup in the top ranks of the featherweight division. 

Matt Vanda -vs- Sebastian Demers – Vanda is the only man on this list whose dream matchup is a reality.  Vanda is fighting to salvage his career, in danger of being derailed by recent losses to Bonsante, Kolle, and Kost.  He faces the light-punching (9 kayos in 23 wins) French-Canadian on Saturday night, April 5 in Montreal.

The Fistic Mystic says:  Stay tuned.

Zach Walters -vs- Hugo Pineda – The light heavyweight Walters has lost twice in his career; once to a cruiserweight and once to Pineda.  That cruiserweight promptly retired, probably realizing that he would never post a better result than a win against the Jungle Boy.  But Pineda soldiers on, at 36 years old boasting a 39-4 record.

The Fistic Mystic says:  It would be nice to see Walters avenge his only loss in the light heavyweight division, and the aging Pineda remains “out there.”


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