Vanda -vs- Demers in the News

Popular Canadian boxing website FightNews Canada ( reports on the upcoming fight between Matt Vanda (37-5 with 21 kayos) and Sebastian Demers (23-1 with 9 kayos)…

Matt Vanda celebrates a win

“When the request went down the pipeline for a few words with Matt Vanda who meets Sebastien Demers this Saturday at the Casino de Montreal, the response was quick and definitive.  ‘You’ll get your interview after the fight when I’m finished knocking Demers out,’ came the frosty reply from the popular Minnesota middleweight who apparently is an ornery mood leading up to the fight.  ‘I think that is the only way for me to win in this guy’s backyard.  I’m coming to Montreal to knock this dude out…I’m coming to Montreal to win.'”

The piece goes on to detail how Vanda has been chasing a fight with Demers since 2005, and quotes Vanda’s manager Tim Hocking saying that Vanda was scheduled to face Andy Lee in Ireland in December and then John Duddy in New York in February, but that both matchups were nixed by the opposition.

The writer also makes more than a passing mention of Vanda’s fight with Andy Kolle back in November, noting that Vanda has been working on his core strength and improving his power for the last year and a half, citing Vanda’s knockdown of the very tough Kolle in the 7th round of an 8-round loss as proof of his increasing punching power.

Demers is a popular fighter in Canada, a former national light middleweight champ with a big name and a flashy record.  This fight has got the attention of a lot of people up in Polar Bear Land.  Maybe if he wins Vanda will get some attention back home in Gopher Land.


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