Vanda Loses to Demers in Montreal

Matt Vanda came up empty in his shot at Sebastien Demers’ IBF International middleweight title on Saturday night, April 5.

Ringside observers report that Vanda was unable to get inside to challenge Demers with his improved power.  FightNews Canada credits Demers for “a punishing jab that not only kept Vanda at bay but continually snapped his head back with authority over the course of the contest.”  (  Also according to FightNews Canada, the official scorecards are reported as unanimously 120-108, meaning that Demers pitched a perfect 12-round shutout.  Jesse Kelly at, however, awarded Vanda the third and tenth rounds, resulting in a 118-110 score.

The Fistic Mystic hopes that The Predator knows he has the respect, the sympathy, and the appreciation of the Minnesota boxing public, and we hope to see him taste greater success in the future.


One response to “Vanda Loses to Demers in Montreal

  1. R. Shadowwalker

    I was at the Vanda fight against Demers. What most people do not know is Vanda hurt his right hand three weeks prior to the fight. Vanda reinjured his hand in the first round against Demers, when Vanda stunned Demers. Simply put Vanda could not fight the crushing body fight he needed to to defeat the jab of Demers. Also worth noting Vanda’s coach was unable to go to the fight in Montreal. And yes the Montreal fight crowd was chanting Vanda’s name in the later rounds, many making comments on Vanda’s toughness….if they only knew….11 rounds with a basically one hand against a fighter who is ranked 7th by the IBO and no coach. I don’t think tough covers it.

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