Jungle Boy Zach Walters’ Next Fight: June 7

The young men of Horton’s Gym in Duluth are staying busy these days.

Jungle Boy Zach Walters will defend his WBC-African Boxing Union light heavyweight title in Superior, WI on June 7.  Walters won the title with a 7 round pummeling of Carl Daniels on February 23rd.

Although Walters will make at least one defense of his title in the US before heading to Africa, he he hopes to take his show on the road soon, and defend the title against an African in Africa.  Jungle tells the Fistic Mystic, “I have a fan base in Madagascar that has never seen me fight (and) is waiting for me.”  To compensate his stateside fans there’s this idea: “I hope to get some kind of video documentary…of the event to put on US television.  That would be fun.”

That would be fun.

Here’s something else that’s fun: having an up-and-coming light heavyweight knockout artist in the neighborhood.

 jab, jab, hook!


One response to “Jungle Boy Zach Walters’ Next Fight: June 7

  1. Most of the rankings were updated recently and Zach jumped to #21 in the WBC and #14 in the NABO! Keep climbing!

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