Joey Abell to get the Slick Test in Philly Friday

Joey Abell’s opponent for Friday April 11 is the light punching but slippery Maurice Wheeler, a 10-11 (1 kayo) heavyweight who could pose a challenge to Abell’s ring authority.

Abell Boxes

Wheeler has been around a long time, and has seen more mileage than his 23-fight record might indicate.  Wheeler has fought more than twice as many rounds as a professional – 118 to 48 – as Abell.  Wheeler has learned some tricks, and knows how to stay upright in the ring.  Moreover, Wheeler doesn’t rely on knockout power to win – nine of his ten wins have been on points, compared to one of nineteen for Abell.

That isn’t to say that Abell shouldn’t expect to win Friday night, only that he can’t take it for granted.  Since the likelihood of a glorious first-round knockout is somewhat diminished by Wheeler’s experience and trickery, Abell will need to be ready to box to win.  In other words, Joey has an opportunity to show us what he’s learned lately.


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