Gerald “The Jedi” Nobles Demands a Fight with Joey Abell

The big news from Philadelphia is that after Joey Abell’s dramatic knockout of Maurice Wheeler on Friday night,

“Gerald ‘The Jedi’ Nobles stormed the ring and claimed he wants next.  Joey responded by saying ‘you can get it too if you really want it.'” (as reported by

Abell (left) and Wheeler (right)

Nobles is a sometimes contender with a gaudy 26-1 (21 kayos) record.  He’s seen ring time with Bruce Seldon (a win) and Nicolay Valuev (a loss), but really no one else of note in his 13-year professional career.  Conditioning is a big question mark for Nobles – at 5 feet 11 inches tall he should be fighting at or below 220 pounds, but his weight has varied wildly from 209 pounds (October 1995) to 293 pounds (October 2006).

One wonders whether Nobles is angling for a spot on the April 26 card in Rochester, and how interested Abell might be in meeting Nobles in the ring.


One response to “Gerald “The Jedi” Nobles Demands a Fight with Joey Abell

  1. hi gerald, i dont know if you remember me buti used to b your little brother jermaines girlfriend my name is kelli. i just wanted you to know that i never gotten over my first loves death he meant so much to me. i think of him almost everyday. i wish i had a picture of him so i could draw him. if you remember me you know that i used to send him gifts and pictures that i drew of us together when i was in job corps. i would love to draw him again he was and still is my heart. you never forget your first love.i know u r a busy man but could u send me a picture of him so i could draw him one last time i would like to put him in my portfolio. i hope your mom and other brothers r doing well also. i remember when maine used to wear your boxing gloves when i used to sneak over to see him countless times and i used to call him a hundred times a i never let him go gerald and i still hurt inside. well look if possible please email me at thanks and good luck with accomplishing your goals. tell duck i said hello

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