Kenny Kost Gets a Shot at Camacho Jr

Kenny Kost has announced that he has been added to the undercard of the Julio Cesar Chavez PPV event this Saturday.

He’ll be fighting that child of wealth and privilege, Hector Camacho (“Machito”) Jr.

Kost, usually a middleweight, is moving up a division to fight the super middleweight Camacho.

Kenny Kost

This fight is probably not the mismatch it appears to be.  Camacho is fast and athletic, but lacks the toughness of his famous father.  In his only brush with greatness he was lucky to get a no-contest with Jesse James Leija as a junior welterweight back in 2001.  That was the fight in which Camacho suffered a cut above his eye and dissolved into a weeping panic – the referee stopped the fight after five and the fight was ruled a no contest by the NY State Athletic Commission.

So Kost, a guy whose toughness isn’t at issue, may be well served to rough Camacho up a little bit.  It’s against the rules, but it isn’t a crime, to lead with the head and scrape with the laces once in a while.  He just may find that Camacho lacks the intestinal fortitude to hang with him.


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