Li’l Superman Antwan Robertson to Fight May 8

Antwan Robertson, the talented super flyweight pugilist from Anoka, has disclosed that he plans to fight in Green Bay, WI on May 8.  An opponent has not yet been named.

Young Robertson (3-0 with 2 kayos) has gotten over the disappointment of having his April 26 bout canceled (his opponent had a workschedule conflict), and is eager to hang another “W” on his record.  Says Robertson of his upcoming bout: “I have no idea who I’m fighting, I just can’t wait to get back in the ring!”

Despite being a gifted young fighter, Robertson faces a tough road in trying to make a career as a very small boxer in Minnesota.  Opponents of any size are hard enough to come by around here, let alone prizefighters under 120 pounds.  We Americans tend to be a little too well-fed to produce a lot of small athletes, and boxing just plainly isn’t that popular in Minnesota.  So in addition to the usual hard work, Robertson probably has a lot of traveling ahead of him if he’s going to make this boxing thing work.  Nevertheless, other Minnesotans have recently been able to find good work in the smaller classes – notably Will Grigsby and Jason Litzau – and the Fistic Mystic is confident that Robertson will find a way as well.

Keep your eyes open for “Li’l Superman” Antwan Robertson.  He’s on the right track and headed for big things.


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