De La Hoya Defeats Forbes in Style

Oscar De La Hoya and Steve Forbes squared off in Carson, CA on Saturday night, and what do you know, the legendary Golden Boy shut out his upstart challenger.

De La Hoya looked fast and strong, dominating the punch stats and landing damaging shots on his slick opponent.  He took good advantage of his size and worked hard for twelve rounds, putting on an entertaining show for his hometown fans in Los Angeles.

Steve Forbes

And yet it would be going too far to say that Forbes was a big loser in this fight.  Although the Fistic Mystic scored the bout a 120-108 shutout in ODLH’s favor, one could not help but be impressed with Forbes’ confidence and toughness as the smaller Forbes never ran from ODLH – he never even flinched.  Moreover, he landed a lot of clean punches and the Fistic Mystic concedes that at least four rounds were close enough that an intelligent person could have scored them for Forbes.

The headlines in tomorrow’s papers will say that this fight was an easy win for De La Hoya, but they are not to be believed.  This was a hard fight, and the condition of ODLH’s face will attest to that.  Forbes earned the respect of this observer tonight, but it seems obvious that he would be well served by dropping weight and fighting in a lower class, if possible.


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