Upcoming Fight: Andy Kolle -vs- Jonathan Reid (Kolle Talks)

Middleweight Andy Kolle, originally of Fergus Falls, now living in Duluth to be closer to his gym (Horton’s Gym), is scheduled to face “Contender” alum Jonathan Reid (34-9 with 19 kayos) on June 7 at Wessman Arena in Superior, Wisconsin.  Andy recently took some time to answer a few questions from the Fistic Mystic:


FM      I understand there was some difficulty finding an opponent the last time you were scheduled to fight (April 25).  In fact, that event was eventually canceled.  Tell me how that affected your life and your career.

AK      There’s a lot of things being talked about with that fight and the inability to secure an opponent, It’s just not my place to talk about the alleged reasons until they are proven true. As far as how it affected my life and career, it just made me hungrier. When I found out [about the cancellation] I was already on weight and ready to fight 10 hard rounds, the only thing that changed was my diet. I felt that I needed to take a few days off and enjoy life a little bit. The cancellation (or postponement) of my fight also affected me a little bit financially as well. Right now I don’t work so I rely on my fights to pay the bills – therefore, no fights = no money. With that being said the financial stress made me get in the gym and focus all my energy into my training. Believe me you will see a difference in my fight game come June 7th.

FM      Please tell me what you know about your next opponent, Jonathan Reid.  Have you watched video, or have you caught any of his fights on TV?

AK      I know he’s a crafty veteran with a good punch he also has the ability to counter punch fairly well. I haven’t watched a whole lot of his fights yet except what I saw on the Contender and youtube.com. My team watches the tape and they train me in specific ways to beat each fighter. I don’t usually watch a lot of tape (I’ll probably watch his fights once to try and find comparisons) for the simple reason that fighters fights different styles differently and I don’t want to overanalyze or anticipate something that might not even happen. I have 100% faith in my team and I trust the things they tell me are the tools I need for success. 

FM      How is training going?  Has the long layoff affected your preparation?  (Kolle’s last fight was a UD win against then 37-4 Matt Vanda in November 2007.)

AK      Training is going great. I know its kind of cliché but this has truly been the best training camp of my career. I’ve been in Duluth training ever since the beginning of January. Now, I obviously haven’t been training for this fight for that long but this was the first time in my career that I was constantly being coached and critiqued. Before now I was making weekend trips to Duluth during the time leading up to my fights. It was nice to be in the gym everyday working on different things and adding new weapons to my arsenal, as well as sharpening up existing ones. Another aspect of being up in Duluth is the challenge of my morning runs. Coming from Fargo [where Kolle lived until January of this year], which as you know is entirely flat, to Duluth is a huge change. Every morning Zach Walters, Tim Taggart, and myself push ourselves to the breaking point on hill sprints and other intense runs. That in itself gives me tons of confidence going into the fight with Reid. As far as the layoff goes, I just try and take the negative of not fighting and turn it into a positive, that I will be a fresh fighter with no injuries leading into this fight (unlike some of my previous fights).

FM      Can you tell me anything about your game plan?

AK      Sorry man, the only thing I can tell you about my game plan is to WIN! I don’t want to give anything away.

FM      You’ve moved to Duluth to further your career.  Can you tell me anything about your management situation or the big picture view of your future?

AK      The move to Duluth was a huge positive in my career. I feel that with the move and the team I have around me the sky is the limit. Winning this fight will definitely set the stage for big things to come.

FM      Andy, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, and if we don’t talk again before June 7, best of luck in your big fight!


One response to “Upcoming Fight: Andy Kolle -vs- Jonathan Reid (Kolle Talks)

  1. Bring him to Philly, a fight with Gee Cullmer could be an interesting one where the winner moves on to a nice stage in the near future!

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