Matt Vanda Wins, and Other Results from the St Paul Armory, May 17

Matt Vanda took a unanimous decision win against a badly overmatched opponent at the St Paul Armory tonight.

Bruce Rumbolz barely put up a fight, his jabs pawing at empty air and his hooks hovering like a bee and stinging like a butterfly.  He did what was expected of him, giving Vanda a much-needed “W” that improved his record to 38-6 with 21 wins by knockout.  Rumbolz dropped his sixth straight boxing match (and the thirteenth out of sixteen) to fall to 21-17 with 15 wins by kayo.

Matchups like tonight’s are inevitable as long as some fighters need guaranteed wins and others need cash.  Unfortunately this was a boring dog of a fight, with Vanda showing more respect for Rumbolz than was probably deserved, and Rumbolz unwilling or unable to do anything to hurt Vanda.

Tonight’s results are below.  Full results will be published as they are verified and finalized.

  • Matt Vanda (now 38-6 with 21 kayos) defeated Bruce Rumbolz (now 21-17 with 15 kayos) by UD in 8 rounds.
  • Caleb Truax (6-0 with 4 kayos) defeated James Crayton (34-28 with 21 kayos) by TKO in round XX
  • Corey Rodriguez (4-0 with 3 kayos) defeated Raphael Magdaleno (1-6 with zero kayos) by UD in four rounds
  • Brad Patraw -vs- Vlad Ustimchuk Jr: fight canceled
  • Robert Kliewer (8-4 with 4 kayos) defeated Ray Walker (1-5 with zero kayos) by UD in four rounds

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