Joey Abell Resumes Training

Joey Abell at Uppercut Boxing Gym in MinneapolisGood news for Minnesota fight fans, Joey Abell is back in training.

There was speculation from all over that the big boy from Coon Rapids would lose his focus or quit fighting altogether following his shocking April 26 loss to Andrew Greeley.

An item posted on his official website,, states simply that as of May 21, “Minnesota Ice has resumed training for his next fight.”  Who the 20-2 heavyweight will be fighting and when are left to the reader’s imagination.  Could it be Gerald Nobles or another washed-up heavyweight with an impressive record?  Will it be another tomato can or an overmatched European?  Will he take on a risky young tough guy like he did when he fought Teke Oruh last November?

The Fistic Mystic Says: Abell is far from running out of chances.  As a young, big, strong white kid with good looks and a big punch, the boxing world will always make room for Abell.  Expect him to make a name for himself yet.


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