Willshaun Boxley -vs- Brad Patraw is a “No Go”

There have been whispers that Willshaun Boxley and Brad Patraw would fight this summer, but evidently that’s not going to happen.

According to John Johnson of the Rice Street Gym, he put an offer on the table but Boxley’s team wanted more money, which wasn’t forthcoming.  Said Johnson, “I gave them a one shot deal for Mack Daddys [bar in Somerset, WI] …they wanted more money…and my kids were hungry so it didn’t work out.”

It’s probably better for both parties that they don’t face each other so soon in their careers.  If they both were 10-0 and needed a good win or if they both had lost but had good records it would make much more sense.  At this point, though, both men are 3-0 and have little to gain by fighting each other.

The Fistic Mystic says: It’s definitely better for Boxley and Patraw to run their records up a little bit and gain some prestige before fighting each other, which would guarantee that one of them would emerge with a blemished record.


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