Minnesota Pro Boxers Who Really Need a Fight

When a writer can’t think of a grand theme to write about, he makes a list.  Here’s today’s list from the Fistic Mystic: Minnesota fighters who really need a fight.  In no particular order:

  • Antwan Robertson – The 3-0 super flyweight Robertson didn’t even intend to turn pro, but after inadvertently forfeiting his amateur status in 2007 the super flyweight got into three quick fights – in August, October, and November.  Since November, however, Robertson has been idle.  Now there are rumblings that he may fight in Winnipeg on May 30 and in Grand Forks this August.  We should hope so, because this young man may make some noise if he gets the chance.
  • Willshaun Boxley – the supremely confident Boxley is always looking for a fight, but never seems to find one.  Most recently he was expected to appear at Graham Arena in Rochester on April 26 (didn’t happen) and the St Paul Armory on May 17 (didn’t happen).  John Johnson of the Rice Street Gym claims to have made Boxley an offer to face Brad Patraw at a bar show on June 13, but Boxley’s management is said to have declined the offer.  Boxley sees himself as the next big thing, but even a mighty oak has to start out as a little acorn.
  • Andy Kolle – Kolle made a commitment to be a full-time professional boxer when he moved from Fargo to Duluth last January.  But Kolle’s planned fights in February and April never happened, and it’s now been six months since Kolle made a dollar in the ring.  His momentum may not have completely dissipated, but it’s going to be hard for Kolle to get any respect outside of Minnesota with the boast that “I beat Matt Vanda last year.”  The good news for Kolle is that his upcoming bout with 34-9 Jonathan Reid (June 6) appears to be going forward.  Kolle will benefit from the income and the ring time.  Here’s hoping he beats Reid convincingly and finds another fight soon after.
  • Troy Lowry – Is he retired?  Is he a spent force?  Lowry’s name has come up in connection with a few possible matchups in the last year or so, but no bouts have materialized.  It’s been rumored that Lowry is unable to get licensed in his home state due to concerns about his health and recent record.  But so far all we’ve had are rumors.
  • Andson Griggs – Griggs is the light middleweight out of Horton’s Gym whose name seems to appear on every preliminary schedule but never on a final bout sheet.  While there is no Griggs fan club clamoring for him to fight, there is an expectation that he will (one of these days) make it to the ring on fight night.
  • Darby Smart – Question: When will Smart again appear in a professional boxing match?  Answer: When he gets his work schedule and his fight schedule synchronized.  Smart, a former state featherweight champ, is an important guy in his workplace and can’t just take a day off here or there when the mood strikes him.  He needs a solid commitment from a promoter before he can block out time for training and fighting.  So I’m told.  Best bet for Smart may be the August 31 event in his own back yard at Fortune Bay Casino in Tower, MN.  If I may be candid about Smart, he’s a talented and exciting fighter when he’s active, but at age 37 a small fighter cannot afford to go nearly two years between bouts.  It may be time for Smart to fight or disappear.
  • Antonio Johnson – Johnson’s situation may be the most frustrating on this list.  After a year of inactivity Johnson was finally lined up to face 22-2 Ricardo Cortes in San Jose, only to turn up lame and pull out.  It must be a huge source of aggravation for a talented boxer like Johnson to be sitting on a 7-0 record more than three years after turning pro – especially after racking up (reportedly) more than 200 wins as an amateur.

To read Willshaun Boxley’s response to this article you can go to http://mnboxingforum.aceboard.com/299294-7945-5103-0-Minnesota-Boxers-Really-Need-Fight.htm




3 responses to “Minnesota Pro Boxers Who Really Need a Fight

  1. You’re missing the top 3:

    Anthony Bonsante
    Allan Litzau
    Wilton Hilario

  2. Thanks for pointing that out, Kenny. Bonsante has been inactive longer than I thought, and Litzau and Hilario for more than a year.

    Provided nothing falls through, Bonsante and Litzau will get back in action in just over a week (June 6 at Grand Casino Hinckley), while Hilario continues to be MIA.

  3. Rumor has it that Bad Dog pulled him from the June 6th card because they couldn’t find him an opponent. I also heard that Litzau’s opponent may have fallen out and he might be dropped from the card as well.

    It looks like the only thing not falling out from that show is the site fee that the out of town promoters are getting. (bada-bing!)

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