Boxing Results: June 6 at Grand Casino Hinckley

Bullet Bonsante

Results for Friday night’s fight card at Grand Casino Hinckley are below.

Points of interest: Anthony Bonsante returns to face a durable veteran opponent after a heel injury kept him out of the ring all spring.  Bonsante wins by TKO as the fight is stopped before the sixth round begins.  Allen Litzau comes back after a yearlong layoff following a disappointing knockout loss in his last fight, winning by 6th round knockout against last-minute sub Mario Galan of Florida.  Phil Williams risks his undefeated record against an opponent with an equally dazzling record for the first time and comes up big, knocking out Marcus Upshaw early.  Jake Betz puts together a three fight winning streak after beginning his boxing career with two straight losses.  Van Goodman returns for the first time after being barred from the ring in Rochester on April 26 due to high blood pressure.  Goodman is allowed to fight but is unable to make the most of it, fighting to a draw with Emerson Chasing Bear.  Harley Kilfian takes a big step up in class by knocking out “Wolfman” Marty Lindquist in a clash of slugging cruiserweights.

  • Anthony Bonsante (now 31-9 with 17 kayos) defeats Ted Muller (now 19-14 with 9 kayos) by TKO after the fifth round (stoppage)
  • Allen Litzau (13-3 with 7 kayos) defeats Mario Galan (4-4 with 3 kayos) by knockout in round 6.
  • Phil Williams (8-0 with 8 kayos) defeats Marcus Upshaw (8-2 with 3 kayos) by knockout in round 2
  • Jake Betz (3-2 with 3 kayos) defeats Quincy Miner (3-3 with no kayos) by TKO in round 3
  • Van Goodman (2-1-1 with 2 kayos) and Emerson Chasing Bear (3-0-1 with 3 kayos) battle to a draw after 4 rounds
  • Harley Kilfian (5-1 with 4 kayos) defeats Marty Lindquist (13-7 with 10 kayos) by knockout in round 2

A more detailed account of the night’s proceedings (written by the talented Jesse Kelley of can be found at


4 responses to “Boxing Results: June 6 at Grand Casino Hinckley

  1. Go Harley!!

  2. Any news on the first fight!?

  3. No news yet, either from boxrec or from ringside observers. I’ll share as soon as I get anything.

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