June 6 Aftermath: Van Goodman Reacts

Van Goodman’s take on the outcome of his June 6 fight with Emerson Chasing Bear (a draw):

“…He had his running shoes on all night.  He started off strong and had his feet planted in the first round; he gave me a good shot on the chin, but then I returned fire and made him taste my power and I hurt [him]…from that point on he started to run.  He didn’t want to work up close with me – when I did catch him he held on for dear life or the referee broke us up right away and didn’t give us time to work out of it.  He was tall, so I knew finding the range was going to be a task – and it was.  I couldn’t land my jab like I wanted and it was hard finding that distance for my right hands.  He has great defense, moved well, [was] hard to hit, he also has a good chin.  If I’d had another two rounds I would’ve walked him down and closed the show.  I had him hurt on more than two occasions while I walked through his punches, and because I had him hurt and was showing ring generalship – pushing the action – I thought I should’ve walked away with at least a split decision.  But the next time I fight him I’ll stop him in one round!”


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