What’s Next for Walters and Kolle?

Following their very pleasing June 7 results, what’s next for “Jungle Boy” Zach Walters and Andy “Kaos” Kolle?

Zach Walters is at a point in his career where he could take one of several courses.  He could:

  1. attempt to add prestige to his resume by taking on someone of similar ranking and regard – think Yusaf Mack or a rematch with Hugo Pineda.
  2. take a fight with emerging in-state rival Phil “The Drill” Williams, whose record is a dazzling 7-0 with 7 knockouts.  Whispers have begun to circulate that the two may be on a collison course, but that may only be a whispering campaign.
  3. continue to pad his record by fighting guys who have only a puncher’s chance; that is, guys like his last three opponents, Jim Strohl, Carl Daniels, and Aaron Norwood.
  4. take a shot at the upper reaches of the light heavyweight division by accepting a fight with a top-ten type of guy if such a fight is offered to him or if such an opponent becomes available to him.

Zach Walters

The Fistic Mystic says: Walters is in a good position to take advantage of his current ranking and record to generate some real revenue and publicity and is unlikely to want to risk his current standing with a high-risk, low-reward type of fight such as possibilities #1 and #2.  Whether he and his management will opt for #3 or #4 is a question that only time can answer.

Andy Kolle hasn’t quite achieved the level of accomplishment that Walters has, though he should with time and activity.  Who knows, if his scheduled fights in February and April hadn’t been canceled, Kolle might be there now.  But because he isn’t ranked as high and doesn’t have the same name recognition of Walters, Kolle’s path is a little more wide-open.  Kolle could:

  1. attempt to add prestige to his resume by taking on someone of similar ranking and regard – in Kolle’s case this could include his main in-state rival, Anthony Bonsante, or someone like former champion Bronco McCart.
  2. try to pad his record against the same type of past-their-prime opponents that Walters has feasted on lately.  Think of guys like George Klinesmith or former Matt Vanda conquests Yory Boy Campas and Bruce Rumbolz.
  3. tread the usual path of a young prospect and fight other young prospects, young men like Kenny Kost or Gee Cullmer.

Andy Kolle

The Fistic Mystic says: Kolle proved a lot with his win against Jonathan Reid on Saturday night, in particular he showed that he can throw meaningful punches in bunches, he proved once again that he has a rugged and durable chin, and he demonstrated for the first time that he has what it takes to go ten rounds.  He probably isn’t in the mood to spend much more time proving that he can beat lower-level guys.  It’s possible that Kolle could be pitched to big-time promoters as part of a package deal with Walters, so he may have a built-in opportunity to step up to a higher level of competition; call it advancement by association.


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