Raphael Butler Speaks on his June 20 Battle with “Fast” Eddie Chambers

The Fistic Mystic recently spoke with Raphael Butler:

Fistic Mystic:  Raphael, your opponent for the June 20 fight is Eddie Chambers, whose style and characteristics are pretty well known.  What do you think of Chambers as a fighter?

Raphael Butler:  Chambers is a good fighter.  I actually was pulling for him in his last fight.

FM:  What do you expect to see from him in the ring?

RB:  A lot of defense and trying to steal rounds.  He is going to be throwing some fast punches but not a lot of them.

FM:  Please tell me about your training and the leadup to this fight.

RB:  I was training in Colorado Springs and in LA for this fight.  Working really hard and doing things I had never done before, like the incline in Manitou Springs, which is a mile up a mountain and a three-mile trail down.

FM:  Who have you been working with?

RB:  The people I’ve sparred with for this fight are James Toney, Malik Scott, and Terry Smith, the best sparring I could ask for.

FM:  How is your conditioning?

RB:  I am in the best shape of my career right now.  I’ve really pushed myself for this fight.

FM:  What’s your plan for the Chambers fight?

RB:  Just to do my thing and don’t let him try to steal the rounds at the end.

FM:  Assuming you win, is there someone out there you would like next?

RB:  I don’t like to call people out.  And I trust the team I have behind me, so whoever they get for me, that’s who I will fight.

FM:  Thanks for sharing your time with me.  Good luck and God bless.


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