Butler and Lowry Both Lose

Raphael Butler started strong but was kayoed in the sixth round of his heavyweight match with “Fast” Eddie Chambers on Friday night.  Butler stayed with Chambers early, but Chambers stepped up the attack as the fight reached the middle rounds.  After a good left froze Butler momentarily in the sixth, Chambers waded in with all he had, putting Butler down at the 2:23 mark.  Butler went through the ropes but stayed on the ring apron, but it didn’t matter where he landed; the fight was over.

Troy Lowry lost to the slightly younger Charles Whittaker, a disappointing and perhaps a premature stoppage.  It is said that Lowry was unexpectedly asked by the referee whether he wanted to continue and hestitated to answer, resulting in a stoppage.  The Fistic Mystic would like to hear Lowry’s assessment of the situation before expressing an opinion.

The Fistic Mystic says:  Stay tuned for discussion of Raphael Butler’s options…


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