Jungle Boy: Still Gunning for the Bullet

Jungle Boy Zach Walters has reiterated his strong desire to fight Anthony Bonsante.  As you know, the Fistic Mystic isn’t enthusiastic about this matchup, thinking that Andy Kolle is a more natural fit.  But Walters is unmoved: “I want Bonsante in the ring before he fades off into retirement.  Nothing personal.  He’s a great guy, but [this would be] a tough fight that will be a fan pleaser.  I hope he makes negotiations workable.”  Walters shows a great sense of urgency about his career, saying “I am only allowed a small window of opportunity to shine with boxing and I will not be distracted from what I want to achieve.”

About the fire that damaged Horton’s Gym, Walters comments, “…smoke damage was terrible.  We have come up with a temporary fix till we find a new home for the gym.  As a team we take pride in believing it is not where we train, but what we train and we train to win, period.  The location may change, but we never stop.”

The Fistic Mystic says: Walters is determined to advance his career.  The Fistic Mystic is still a little bit mystified about the focus on Anthony Bonsante, but appreciates that the young man from Madagascar is ready and willing to fight anyone.


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