Update: Bonsante -vs- Stevenson

The upcoming (August 1) fight between Anthony Bonsante and Adonis Stevenson, originally published as an 8-rounder, has been upgraded to a 12 round bout with Stevenson’s WBC Continental Americas super middleweight belt at stake.

Picking a favorite for this one is tough because Bonsante has fought naturally bigger men before, not always with stellar results.  On the other hand, it’s difficult to know just how good the 30 year old prospect Stevenson is, because his 11-0 record wasn’t exactly chiseled out of stone.  In fact, Bonsante will be a big step up in class for Stevenson, whose best previous opponent was probably Marlon Hayes – who was on a 1-6 tear at the time.

To be perfectly honest, the Fistic Mystic would like to see Bonsante campaign at middleweight, but it’s understandable, if the middleweight opponents don’t materialize, that Bonsante would want to take a good payday when and where he can find one.  Just the same, all of Minnesota is salivating over the possibility of a Bonsante-Andy Kolle fight, which seems like a natural next step for both men.  Won’t somebody please make that fight happen?

The Fistic Mystic says: Tune in to ESPN2 on August 1st to see Bonsante take out his frustrations on the unfortunate Stevenson.  That’s right, I’m picking Bonsante.


4 responses to “Update: Bonsante -vs- Stevenson

  1. It’s pretty evident that you know little to nothing about Stevenson.

  2. I know that he was an exceptional amateur, but not all exceptional amateurs make exceptional professionals. The two games (amateur and pro) are very different, but then you’re an expert, so you know that.

    I also know that as a professional he has so far not fought anyone who performed at a high level, so his record doesn’t prove much. It’s difficult to know at this point whether he’s a world-class performer or a typical “hot prospect” who’s still awaiting his first real test.

    But thanks for the comment, Kenny Last. It’s good to know you’re still a loyal reader.

  3. Gozar the Great

    Who cares about amature boxing anyways? You can read all you want that he is a good am. It is pretty clear that you know nothing about Stevenson but what you google. Go to u tube type in Stevensons name and go to school. Stevenson is too big strong, mucho chin, skilled. Even first place daddy knows he is going to get his ass kicked. If Bonsante goes the distance with Stevenson I will let you slap my bare butt and Mystic all over my huge Fistic.
    I like to laugh at you.

  4. No offense intended, Gozar, but I tend to avoid guys who invite me to touch their bare backsides. Not that I get such invitations very often.
    You’re right that I’m not the world’s foremost authority on Adonis Stevenson, but I’ve come to understand that (1) a great amateur career isn’t always a guarantee of a great professional career and (2) until a guy beats somebody who is somebody, he isn’t a somebody himself yet.

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