Matt Vanda gets his Rematch with Chavez Jr

Well, that didn’t take long.

After showing up Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in Mexico on July 12, Matt Vanda came out the moral victor despite losing the fight on points.  Chavez Jr appeared to be in control through the halfway point of the fight, but the rugged brawler from the East Side of St Paul hounded Chavez to exhaustion in the late rounds.  The Mexican fans, no suckers when it comes to boxing, booed their countryman and pelted him with garbage after the scores were read – particularly the stunning 100-90 card of judge Francisco Mouret.

Young Chavez suggested in the ring during his post-fight interview that he was disgusted with the fans and on the brink of retirement.  Within hours the Chavez family was claiming that Junior was ill, delirious, didn’t know what he was saying.  They said that he had a sore throat, a fever, some unspecified injection just prior to the bout.  It wasn’t more than a few days later that ESPN reported a rematch was being made in October, then the rumors began to circulate that it would be in New Jersey, in St Paul, or in Vegas.

All those nuggets of knowledge and empty rumors are now history.  Numerous sources are reporting, and Boxrec’s fight schedule confirms, that Chavez and Vanda are scheduled to meet on October 25 in Mexico on a card promoted by Bob Arum.  It’s unclear whether Vanda will go through with the previously scheduled September 20 event at Treasure Island Casino, but it would be easy to forgive him for staying idle until the (presumably) big payday in October.

For Chavez it’s an opportunity to redeem himself.  The conventional wisdom would be that Chavez will get fit early and work hard to overcome the persistent lack of conditioning and inadequate skills that have been his hallmark to date.  The reality will be interesting to see.


One response to “Matt Vanda gets his Rematch with Chavez Jr

  1. If the fight must be in Mexico for Jr, how about three American referees?

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