Round-by-Round: Anthony Bonsante -vs- Adonis Stevenson

We’re all business in the preflight stuff.

Round 1

It’s stricly jabs to the 2:37 mark, Bonsante goes down from a left hook at about 2:30…and jumps up at the count of six or seven.  The ref has waved off the fight even though Bonsante is up and alert and Bonsante is incensed!  He’s alert and his mind seems clear and he’s very angry.  Bonsante and the ref are yelling at each other!  A little later Bonsante had a brief discussion with Stevenson in which the two came to a quick agreement on something.

Post Fight

This is definitely the weirdest fight I’ve seen this year.  Was Bonsante deciding whether to get up or not?  Was he waiting for the world to stop spinning before opening his eyes?  Why did the ref wait until Bonsante was getting up to wave off the fight, instead of doing it while he was flat on his back with his eyes closed?


11 responses to “Round-by-Round: Anthony Bonsante -vs- Adonis Stevenson

  1. #1 Daddy = #1 Diver.

    Stick a fork in him.

  2. I realize the rules say that Gerry Bolen had absolute discretion in refusing to reverse that absurd call to stop the fight after Bonsante went down once it became apparent that he was PERFECTLY FINE AND NOT EVEN REMOTELY IN ANY DANGER, but is it possible for Bonsante to petition the WBC to annul the fight on the grounds of grossly poor officiating rendering the integrity of the match indefensible? Granted, this fight took place in Canada, but judges in American criminal courts have set aside criminal convictions delivered by juries because they found that “no reasonable person could have reached said verdict based on the evidence presented,” and I think that’s fair to say about Gerry Bolen’s decision not to backtrack from having stopped the fight and let the match continue.

    Frankly, the look on Gerry Bolen’s face smacked of “OK, buddy, you want to play games like that and make me look like a doofus, well I’m gonna stick it to ya!” I hope Anthony Bonsante and/or his people have the werewithall to seek recourse with WBC.

  3. Yo, Bob, are you smoking crack? Cause if you are, it looks like you got da sh!t better than imma sellin. you think the Wbc gives a sh!t about bonssante? adonis is da man, he’s an undefeated power puncher and he’s been in da ring magazine. bonsante is an old man who needs to retire before he be in da old peoples home.
    what was the ref doing, fisticman? he was saving bonsante’s life thats what. my boy adonis done knocked his a** out.
    ya’ll heard me. da king done just polished his crown.

  4. Thanks for the Ebonics lesson, King.

  5. you got issues with ebonics or blacks fistic man?

  6. You’re obviously intelligent, but your message is lost on me because you’re trying so hard to write dialectically. It comes across funny.

  7. “Bonsante to petition the WBC to annul the fight on the grounds of grossly poor officiating rendering the integrity of the match indefensible?”

    How about the WBC suspending him for acting like an idea in the ring. If he gets up or at least gives an indication, there is no controversy. Why were his eyes closed? A boxer who is not hurt does NOT close his eyes.

    Maybe he was fine, if so his idiotic gamesmanship backfired. Perhaps next time just box.

  8. Kingofdasouth… that was some ignorant nonsense you are spouting off. Is Adonis your boyfriend or something. He has not one a legitament fight in his professional career. He had the opportunity to perhaps do so and Friday however he seemed rather relieved when his unharmed opponent recieved such an absure TKO… I understand the initial call however it was clear that the Canadian ref had no real reason to not let the fight continue except to avoid personal and national embarrasement. That was an unbelivable stopage when someone gets up before 7 and is 100 percent obviously able and willing to continue

  9. Ignant nonsense homie? The only ignant sh!t was that stupid old man actin a fool. And yo, Stevenson does have a legit fight in his professional career: a round 1 crushin of that pus old man bonsante.

  10. Alright, kids. Simmer down.

  11. Anthony is a professional fighter and had every right to get back up and continue the fight. The ref did Bonsante wrong by calling it quits before he even did a 10 count! No fighter wants to get back up and see a ref throwing in the towel on his behalf if he’s not ready to quit. It’s not Anthony’s style to quit. He’s a fighter to the end…anyone who follows his fights ought to know that.

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