Is Bonsante-Kolle Now Inevitable?

Anthony Bonsante

Anthony Bonsante

Given that:

  • The two most highly regarded middleweights in Minnesota right now are Anthony Bonsante and Andy Kolle, both of whom have beaten Matt Vanda
  • Bonsante has in the past expressed his desire to fight Kolle (for instance, when he was called out by Zach Walters)
  • Bonsante lost a fight to super middleweight Adonis Stevenson in embarrassing fashion on Friday night
  • Kolle is well rested following his convincing June 7 win against Jonathan Reid

It seems like the two are on a collision course.  Zach Walters can’t still be pushing for a match with Bonsante – a win against Bonsante would do little to burnish Walters’ reputation because Bonsante is two weight classes below him and coming off a bad loss.  Andy Kolle, on the other hand, is a middleweight.  Kolle has said in the past that he would really like to get Bonsante in the ring, and Bonsante has been quoted by Jesse Kelley of saying, “Obviously the fight to be made in Minnesota is Andy Kolle…I guarantee I can beat Kolle.” (interview published July 1)

Andy Kolle

Andy Kolle

It seems clear that the two want each other, and that the prestige gap between them is shrinking (or already has shrunk) to virtually nothing.  Bonsante is going to be looking for a career-saving win against someone he’s confident he can beat, while Kolle is going to be looking for a career-building win against someone who we’ve all heard of.  Provided he isn’t suspended for any length of time following the bizarre loss to Stevenson (which was ruled a KO although it didn’t appear to really be one), Bonsante has an open spot on his dance card: no opponent has been named for Bonsante’s September 20 date at Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing, Walters is already to committed to fight Shawn Hammack on August 31, and Kolle is uncommitted – as far as anyone knows.  Another candidate for Bonsante is Centerville’s Kenny Kost, who – like both Bonsante and Kolle – has beaten Matt Vanda.  Kost has taken the summer off from boxing, but will likely be looking for a fight in the fall.

Fighting a local middleweight makes sense for Bonsante, given that in the aftermath of the Stevenson fight, he’s lost much of his attractiveness as an opponent outside of Minnesota.  But Bonsante is still the Minnesota middleweight titleholder, and that makes a fight against Kolle or Kost marketable.

The Fistic Mystic says: Will the big ears of Minnesota boxing hear this call for a Bonsante-Kolle match?  Doubtless their big brains are already considering it, and they don’t need to hear it from me.


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