Tim Watts is Looking for a Rematch with Antwan Robertson

Tim Watts, who was knocked out in the second round of his May 30 bout with Antwan Robertson, has contacted the Fistic Mystic to express his desire for a rematch with Li’l Superman:
“Antwan is an honorable warrior and so am I.  I don’t like to make excuses so I won’t.  I would appreciate a rematch.”
But Watts, a super bantamweight, is concerned about the difficulty of getting down to Roberton’s weight:

“Antwan’s a tough competitor.  It would be nice if he could come up a bit more in weight. its hard for me sometimes to make that weight.  I’m sure you can appreciate the detrimental effects it can have losing weight quickly. I was supposed to fight a different guy and he dropped out, so I started eating crap and relaxed too much and gained some weight that I had to lose quickly…Then my promoter said he had a fight for me and it was Antwan.”

Watts’ assessment of Roberton as a fighter:

“You gotta be seriously prepared for a fight with a guy like Antwan – he’s a tough guy and he hits hard. I have no doubt that he can be a top ranked world class fighter. I hope he one day wins a world title , I really do. I hope he remembers me in good faith; I think he’s a good guy.”





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