Update: Andy “Kaos” Kolle (August 2008)

Young Andy “Kaos” Kolle, originally from Fergus Falls, has decided to make his temporary move to Duluth a permanent arrangement.

Kolle (17-1 with 12 kayos) had been a student at North Dakota State University in Fargo until January of this year, when he quit school to take a shot at being a full-time professional boxer.  Until then Kolle had been taking classes four days a week and making a long drive every weekend to spend three days working out at his professional home, Horton’s Gym in Duluth.  Back in December, just before making the move to Duluth, Kolle told me that he was committed to stay in Duluth through May.  After a long winter and spring with no fights (two dates were set and canceled; in February and again in April), Kolle’s management finally found him an opponent for June.  Kolle put on a great show in beating veteran middleweight Jonathan Reid (34-9) in a ten-round fight for the vacant NABA US middleweight title.  So sharp was Kolle that of the three judges, one scored eight rounds in his favor, one gave him nine, and one gave him a sweep of all ten rounds.

Kaos celebrates a win

Kaos celebrates a win

At this time Kolle is back in Fargo settling his affairs there.  The lease on his old apartment expires at the end of August, and he plans to return to Duluth permanently.  One thing that’s unclear at this time is the status of Horton’s Gym, which lost its home in June when an intense fire badly damaged its building and much of the gym’s equipment.  “To be perfectly honest with you I don’t know much about the gym in Duluth,” Kolle says.  “I just know that when I left we didn’t have a gym or equipment to train with.  I came home to work and finish off my lease at my apartment in Fargo so I could complete the transition to Duluth and be…a permanent resident up there.  [After my lease is up] I will be getting a place of my own up in Duluth.  If the gym isn’t ready when I get up there I’ll make do just like the rest of the guys have been.  I started my pro career training myself out of my one stall garage, if that’s what we gotta do then so be it.  If God can bring you to it, he can bring you through it, right?”

I asked Kolle about Tony Bonsante’s disastrous loss to Adonis Stevenson on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, in which Bonsante was knocked down in the first round and seemed to be out cold until the count of six – when he suddenly rose looking strong and alert at the same moment the ref stopped the fight.  “I actually worked the night of Bonsante’s fight so I invited a bunch of people out to the bar I work at to watch what was potentially my next opponent.  Needless to say, it didn’t get them excited about a matchup between the two of us.  I really have never pushed for a fight – except when I fought Vanda because at the time I personally felt I needed to fight him – and I’m not going to push my team for this fight.  If my team wants me to fight Bonsante then you better believe I’ll be ready.  If they want me to move in another direction, like moving to 154#, then I’m fine with that as well.”  If another fighter said this I might suspect bluster, but Kolle has never been coy with me and I’m inclined to believe this is really the way he feels.  Just the same, Bonsante remains the Minnesota middleweight champion, and combined with his very respectable 31-10 career record, that makes him an attractive and saleable opponent.

An unsavory source recently tried to feed me an implausible rumor about who Kolle has been sparring with lately, and I mentioned that to him.  “I love rumors, but that’s exactly what this is, a rumor.  Since I have been in Fargo…the only sparring I’ve had has been with a big heavyweight from Grand Forks.”

Although Kolle isn’t scheduled to fight August 31 at Fortune Bay Casino in Tower, his Horton’s Gym cohorts Zach Walters and RJ Laase are.  An interesting aspect of this card is that Kolle’s friend and stable mate Laase (3-0 with 1 kayo) is scheduled to fight Tyler Gould (5-1 with 5 kayos), who is also a friend and a former training partner of Kolle’s.  This is a highly anticipated match between two of the best young welterweights in the Upper Midwest, and a good reason to make the long, long trek to Fortune Bay on Labor Day weekend.  Says Kolle, “It’s going to be a classic matchup of a smooth boxer [Laase] against a raw slugger [Gould].  It will be entertaining!”  Under the circumstances Kaos has to be careful who he associates with.  “I have run with Tyler on a few occasions before I knew the fight got inked [but] RJ is my teammate so I can’t put myself in the mix of these two guys.  I have to be loyal to my team.”

Kolle may know what his future holds, but apart from making his move to Duluth permanent and continuing to train hard, he isn’t revealing much.  He says he doesn’t worry too much about the future; he just fights whoever his team puts in front of him.  Minnesota’s boxing fans will just have to wait and see what emerges from Kaos.

The Fistic Mystic says: There are a lot of intriguing potential opponents out there for Kolle: Minnesotans like Bonsante, Kenny Kost, and Caleb Truax could all make for great local publicity and compelling matchups.  In the wider world, a famous name like the always-working Yory Boy Campas (who still has a big punch but can be outboxed) or an untested rising comer like Gee Cullmer (a friend in Philly thinks this is a good match) would look good on Kolle’s resume.


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