Boxing Results: August 31 at Fortune Bay Casino

What to watch for: Jungle Boy Zach Walters takes on a rugged veteran on a three-bout win streak in Shawn Hammack, skilled boxer RJ Laase tangles with northwestern brawler Tyler Gould, flambouyant knockout artist Gary Eyer takes a step up in opponent quality, cheesehead Nick Popowich from Green Bay is matched with North Dakota’s Terrence Trottier Jr, fiery Michael Davis of Grand Forks takes on new pro David Duncan, and Montreze Evans of Indiana makes his professional debut against Brian Cohen from Pennsylvania.

  • Zach “Jungle Boy” Walters (now 23-3 with 18 kayos) lost to Shawn Hammack (17-6 with 13 kayos) by knockout in round 8 of 8
  • Tyler Gould (5-2 with 5 kayos) lost to RJ Laase (4-0 with 2 kayos) by knockout in round 3 of 6
  • Gary Eyer (4-0-1 with 3 kayos) majority draw with Guadalupe Diaz (4-4-1 with 1 kayo) in 6 rounds
  • Terrence Trottier Jr (1-3) defeated Nick Popowich (0-1) by TKO in round 3 of 4
  • Michael Davis (2-5 with 2 kayos) defeated David Duncan (0-1) by knockout in round 1 of 4
  • Brian Cohen (4-1 with 2 kayos) defeated Montreze Evans (0-1) by knockout in round 3 of 4

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